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Jonathan Love

Jonathan Love is a CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellow at McGill University studying computational number theory, working with Professors Henri Darmon, Eyal Goren, and Michael Lipnowski. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in June 2021.

Email: jon [dot] love [at] mcgill [dot] ca

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Papers and Preprints

Isogeny Graphs, Zero-cycles, and Modular Forms: Computations over Algebraic Curves and Surfaces (2021): Stanford Libraries
Thesis, PhD in Mathematics at Stanford University. Supervised by Akshay Venkatesh, Dan Boneh, and Ravi Vakil.

An Arithmetic Variant of Raynaud's Theorem (2020): arXiv
Joint with Libby Taylor. Preprint.

Rational Equivalences on Products of Elliptic Curves in a Family (2020): DOI, arXiv
Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux, Vol. 32, No. 2 (2020) pp. 923-938.

Supersingular Curves With Small Non-integer Endomorphisms (2020): DOI, arXiv, ANTS presentation
Joint with Dan Boneh. In Proceedings of the Fourteenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, ed. Steven D. Galbraith. The Open Book Series, Vol. 4, No. 1 (2020) pp. 7-22. Winner of the Selfridge Prize for best paper at ANTS-XIV.

Field Extensions Generated by Kernels of Isogenies (2016): ProQuest
Thesis, Master of Science at University of Toronto. Supervised by Jacob Tsimerman.


Past Teaching at Stanford:

* CA: "Course Assistant," responsible for office hours, grading, writing solutions, administrative tasks
** TA: "Teaching Assistant," responsible for running discussion sections with approximately 20 students (1-4 hours per week)

Past Teaching at University of Toronto:

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